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What is Red?

Red is a networking library for Roblox that combines blazingly fast performance with a simple API. With Red's tiny size, it is suitable for any project, from tiny experiments to games that serve millions of players.


⚡Blazingly Fast

Red achieves high performance by packing events in a compressed format, using up to 75% less bandwidth. Red uses a single remote event with identifiers to reduce bandwidth, and increase performance.

⚙️No Config

Red is designed to work out of the box with no configuration required. Just require the library and begin developing. No config means less boilerplate and more time to focus on what matters: your project.

🔐Type Safety

Red is written with type safety in mind, so you can use Luau and get full intellisense and linting right in your editor. Full intellisense without any extra work means faster development with autocomplete and catching bugs before they happen.


As part of it's optimization features, Red obsfucates network data to make it harder for cheaters to read networking logs. This makes it significantly harder for cheaters to reverse engineer and cheat in your game.