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Redblox ‚Äč

The Redblox project contains the library Red, but also other useful libraries.

  • Red - A simple, fast, and powerful networking library.
  • Util - A collection of small utilities for roblox.
    • Bin - Manages cleanup for objects that cannot be garbage collected.
    • Clock - Calls a function at consistent intervals.
    • Collection - Handles instance addition and removal from collections.
    • Fetch - A Future based HTTP request utility similar to Javascript's fetch.
    • Future - A lightweight class to represent asynchronous functions.
    • Guard - A runtime type checker with support for luau types.
    • Promise - A Promise implementation that prioritizes speed and ease of use.
    • Ratelimit - Ratelimits many keys in a very intuitive interface.
    • Signal - A signal implementation without connection objects.
    • Spawn - A shared "fast spawn" function that reuses threads.